'Universal Abundance Bundle' (Set Of 3) - Tarot Manifestation Collection

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Amass creativity and look unique with our Universal abundance bundle.

Do you like fashion? Do you cherish abundance and creativity? This specific tarot bundle is specific for those who want more abundance and creativity in their lives.

Universal Abundance Bundle is a set of 3 necklaces:

  • L’imperatrice,
  • La Force and
  • L’Amoureux necklaces.

Feel empowered to accomplish your dreams and dare to go through seemingly difficult routes that others won’t dare to tour.

L’imperatrice necklace inspires you to be dauntless about your ambitions and desires. This necklace is meant to remind you to choose to take action that will actualize your goals and ambitions.

La Force necklace is charged with life force and symbolizes strength and return of life energy. Be inspired to positively utilize creative energy in your life’s pursuits.

L’Amoureux signifies attraction, love, beauty and overcoming relationship trials. Be inspired to love and be loved.

Look stunning, ready to take on the world with this bundle.


Designed & Shipped exclusively from our studio in downtown Denver, CO. All members are required to pay 1st month VIP membership fee of $12.95. Bill 1-2 days after your purchase. 

**Each piece is handmade - please allow for small variations in design. 

Necklace Details:

  •  Lobster clasp closure
  • Brass
  • 14K gold plating
  • Enamel coating
  • Nickel free
  • Necklace circumference: 40cm - 50cm
  • Full drop length: 22cm - 28cm
  • Weight: 7.34g
  • Pendant: H: 2.2cm, W: 1.3cm

Manifest Abundance

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